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Are you currently taking new clients? 

Yes! Click here to book your first appointment or email me at kara@karahogle.com

How do I know if this is right for me? 

If you're feeling a bit uncertain, that's totally understandable! We can chat about your goals and see if we'd be a good fit working together over a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call.

Click here to book! 

If I book today, how much do I pay?

You'll pay $90 *before* your session. 

You can sign up and pay for your coaching sessions as needed. The options are limitless! 

Then, you'll be emailed a unique login link to the Healthie App where you can access everything you need to attend your session, stay in touch with me and SO much more! 

What happens after I book?

After you book - you’ll receive an invoice that will need to be completed before your session. 

Then, you'll be emailed a unique login link to the Healthie App where you can access everything you need to attend your session, stay in touch with me and SO much more! 

What are the guaranteed results? 

There are none. Your progress ultimately boils down to how much effort you put in. You get out what you put into it. Your coach cannot guarantee any results. 

Do you offer meal plans? 

Nope! If you’re curious as to why - take a look at my blog post: Why I Don’t Offer Meal Plans and What You Can Do Instead

Do you offer any discounts?

Yup! Sometimes I’ll offer discounts on my coaching packages. Be sure to join my email list to stay up to date on when that’s happening. 

Can I sign up for a Discovery Call before purchasing a package?

Absolutely! If you’re serious about working together and would like to gather some more info & see if we’re a good match you’re welcome to book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call today! 

I’d like to know a bit more about what exactly a health coach is/does? 

I have just what you’re looking for - check out my blog post: What Is A Health Coach and How Can They Help You?



“Thank you Kara! I’ve really enjoyed working with you — your intelligence and kindness shines through in everything you say. I feel comfortable moving along on my own and I am very confident that my progress will continue. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone as talented as you!"


“Kara is very understanding and patient. Other coaches I’ve worked with are like having a cheerleader squad. Kara is so easy to talk to and is a great listener. I’ve learned how to keep a more positive outlook on my healthy journey with her guidance. Her check-ins have been a huge part of my success and I look forward to taking all that I’ve learned as I continue along. Thank you again, Kara. My angel in disguise.💗” 


“Kara, thank you for all your guidance and the information that you have given me. You have been very helpful to me. Even giving me confidence and lifted my spirits when I needed it. I feel empowered to continue doing my best to use what I have learned from you.”


“Kara has helped in ways that I didn't even expect. She is always so supportive and never judgemental. It means a lot because it helps motivate me to keep going. Her kindness gave me the confidence I needed to improve my health. I now know that progress is what really counts, not perfection. Thank you!!”


“Kara, I give you much credit for helping me stay on track - as a listener, leader and coach. I just love your thoughtful questions. They really made me think about things. I consider you a dear friend and confidante. Thank you!”


“Thank you Kara! I want to underscore that your coaching is a key factor in my success and reaching my goals. I really appreciate your kindness and gentle reminders to make sure I’m sticking to my plan. I will miss working with you. All the Best.”

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